Updates on fixed_eytzinger_map

This is a brief report on some progress regarding fixed_eytzinger_map and code around it:

  • SFINAE expressions used in heterogeneous lookup were altered to be supported by Microsoft’s compiler (VS2015+).
  • The corresponding test suite was integrated with Catch testing framework.
    Now the source code comes with a makefile/CMakeLists.txt build script, which can compile and start tests, e.g. “make && make test“.
  • The source code is now being automatically tested by:
    • Travis CI:
      • Linux, x86-64
      • GCC 4.8/4.9/5.0 and clang 3.6/3.7/3.8
      • C++11/C++14
    • AppVeyor:
      • Windows, x86/x86-64
      • VisualStudio 2015/2017
      • C++11
  • A corresponding GitHub repository has got a decent readme page.
  • fixed_eytzinger_map is successfully used in Nimble Commander to manage various relationships between UI elements and corresponding action shortcuts.

Currently it seems that this project can be marked as “finished”, as there’s no obvious direction for evolution.

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